Statements of Support from Solar Industry Leaders for CCSA

February 9th, 2016

We have received the following statements of support from solar industry association leaders, executives of allied and other related organizations, analysts and advocates and CCSA member company executives.

“We strongly support the work the Coalition for Community Solar Access is doing to advance this critical segment of the industry. Community Solar can be made available to everyone and it can play a critical role in increasing the reliability of the grid, injecting investment into local and diverse economies and contributing to cleaner air. We look forward to working with the Coalition as it supports these worthy and important goals.”

Rhone Resch, President and CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association

“The rapid growth of community solar projects across the country once again underlines the intense customer and utility interest in putting more solar on the grid in ways that benefit all stakeholders. Equally important, companies are stepping up to work together, which should further advance the spread of these projects and the innovative technology and business models being developed along side them.”

Julia Hamm, President and CEO, Solar Electric Power Association

“As a long-standing national leader on shared renewables, IREC views the formation of the Coalition for Community Solar Access as an important step to continued and enhanced market maturity. We look forward to working collaboratively with the Coalition in pursuit of our shared goal to expand consumer access to renewable energy across the country.”

Sara Baldwin Auck, Director, Regulatory Program, Interstate Renewable Energy Council

“Americans overwhelmingly want more solar powering their homes, businesses and communities, and with the right policies we can connected more of them with the clean energy they want. We look forward to working with Coalition for Community Solar Access, stakeholders and policymakers to give more consumers ways to participate in and directly benefit from our nation’s growing solar economy.”

Adam Browning, Executive Director, Vote Solar

“Community solar is a great way to provide the benefits of one form of advanced energy – solar – to everyone, even those who can’t host it on their own roofs. In half the states in the U.S., community solar is already happening. It’s great to have a group like the Coalition for Community Solar Access to promote the growth of community solar across the country.”

Malcolm Woolf, Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, Advanced Energy Economy

“Over the past couple of years, a growing number of utilities and states have rolled out ambitious programs to put community solar on the national radar. As the community solar market nears 100 MW installed, its transition from minor to major driver of U.S. solar demand will benefit from an industry-wide platform for states and utilities to share best practices in program design, and for solar companies to build relationships and partnerships that leverage their strengths to grow community solar. Looking ahead, collaborative efforts like the new trade group will play an important role in helping customers, utilities, and developers scale the learning curve of community solar’s value proposition and enable the market to grow fivefold between last year and the end of this decade.”   

Cory Honeyman, Senior Analyst, Solar Markets, GTM Research | Greentech Media

“The Coalition for Community Solar Access is a testament to the maturity of this model and the opportunity for exponential growth through cooperative efforts.”

Paul Spencer, founder and CEO, Clean Energy Collective

“Advanced solar technology optimally sited on the utility grid offers secure, clean electricity at a lower fixed price with no compromises. The only thing missing is permission for electric customers to sign up. Community Solar means solar power delivered on your utility bill. CCSA is working to bring optimally priced, advanced, solar-power technology to electric customers through the utility grid, and looks forward to working with electric customers, utilities and policy-makers to advance this high-value market.”

R. Brent Alderfer, President, Community Energy, Inc.