Nevada Governor Sandoval Rejects Bill to Expand Access to Solar for All Blocking Effort to Bring Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Clean Energy Investment to Nevada

June 19th, 2017

Governor vetoed popular community solar bill despite bipartisan support in legislature

Carson City, NV (June 19, 2017) – Late Friday, Nevada Governor Sandoval vetoed Senate Bill 392, legislation passed on a bipartisan basis by the Nevada Legislature which would have made Nevada the 15th state to have a community solar program. The legislation was endorsed by the community solar industry as well as national security leaders, faith communities, clean energy and public health advocates. SB 392 sought to establish a statewide community solar program and expand access to clean energy for more Nevada families and small businesses, including those who rent or can’t host solar on their own roofs.

The following statement may be attributed to Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) Executive Director Jeff Cramer:

“By deciding against creation of a community solar program, the Governor has blocked the opportunity to choose local clean energy for the majority of Nevadans, including renters, condo-owners, and low income families.

“Our industry will continue to invest in the 14 other states with community solar programs, but this veto is a real loss for Nevada and its citizens. 

“We look forward to continuing the conversation in Nevada: we have seen a clear demonstration that the public and the legislature want a community solar program for the state and we will continue to work to provide opportunities for everyone to receive the benefits of solar.”


About the Coalition for Community Solar Access

CCSA is a business-led trade organization comprised of 32 member companies that works to expand access to clean, local, affordable energy nationwide through community solar. Our mission is to empower energy consumers, including renters, homeowners, businesses and households of all socio-economic levels, by increasing their access to affordable, reliable clean energy. CCSA, in partnership with a thriving network of non-profits, affiliate trade associations, and allied stakeholders, serves as the central voice for the community solar industry in developing vibrant and sustainable markets for community solar.