Coalition for Community Solar Access Statement on California PUC’s Proposed Community Solar Decision

December 13th, 2021

Sacramento, CA— The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) today issued a proposed decision in the rulemaking proceeding initiated over a year ago to determine the successor to the State’s current net energy metering tariff. Staff declined to adopt a specific successor program for community solar.

Coalition for Community Solar Access (“CCSA”) had proposed  a “Net Value Billing Tariff” (NVBT)  that would compensate subscribers to community solar projects based on the value of a project’s generation at the time it’s provided to the grid.

Following is a statement from Charlie Coggeshall, Senior Analyst and Regional Director for Coalition for Community Solar Access:

“Today’s proposed decision by CPUC is deeply disappointing as it once again delays action on developing a workable community solar program in California and undermines the state’s distributed energy market. Distributed energy – including a viable third-party community solar program – will be crucial to meet the state’s ambitious clean energy goals and create a resilient, low-cost grid that works for all Californians.  We urge the Commission to reconsider and reassess the benefits a thriving community solar program can bring to California before it issues a final decision.”